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Titanium- Changing the Jewelry trend

titanium ringsTitanium is named after the god Titan, has been admired by various jewelry designers and wearers in recent past because of its strength.

For past many years titanium was regularly used in aerospace industry. But, recently it gained popularity among jewelry designers too. Despite being the strongest substance, titanium is very light in weight. Its strength could be measured by the fact that wedding ring made through one block of titanium restrict it’s resizing. It means ones the ring is made, it can’t be resized again. So keep this information while going for the purchase of titanium rings and don’t forget to measure the size.

The best advantage attached with titanium is that it is hypoallergenic. It never causes any skin allergy as most of the metals cause. It is seen that nickel is added to metals in order to enhance strength, which causes allergy. Due to titanium’s strength and purity no other alloy is needed to add which restricts any type of skin allergies and reactions. It is said that skin allergy and titanium never go together and skin allergy is rare to find.
This property makes titanium look wonderful. It is very easy to mould and craft titanium in various other shapes. Adding colors to titanium makes titanium jewelry reach the higher range of designs and styles. In the current scenario Black titanium is creating a world rage as it looks smashing. It is gaining popularity among men as wedding bands are made through this. Titanium wedding rings are available in array of finishes starting from satin to matte to polish.

In order to enhance titanium’s design and capabilities various gems are used. Diamonds are the most frequently used gems in titanium, as they look utmost stunning. It is also said that any gem apart from diamond added to titanium looks marvelous. It is very difficult to find titanium rings studded with gemstones on a local jewelry shop but online jewelry stores really cut down your task. Online stores also give you the option of designing your own titanium ring too.

If you’re geared up to buy titanium wedding ring either for men or women then be prepared to pay a hefty amount as it is very expensive in comparison to gold. Titanium jewelry proves its worth, as it looks stunning in anybody’s fingers and that too with the minimum care.

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When two people come together and bond their lives in a ceremony of love and devotion, they do so to begin a life together, a family, and a history to carry on their hard work. Marriages are different the world over, but one thing remains the same and that is the use of wedding jewelries.For many cultures that main sources of jewelry are the wedding rings for the bride and groom. Made from gold, silver, white gold, or other metal products on the current market, it is a symbol of the continuing circle of life. The traditional stones are diamonds, but women are beginning to choose birthstones and other gems for their commitments. The designs can vary from a very plain ring to one with designs along each side or a symbol on top other than stones or gems.

The punk fad likes skulls, roses, and other unusual designs that go against normal culture of their country. But the meaning does not change. They can be found at stores that cater to the unique or they can be custom designed and created by a jewelry artist.Wedding jewelries also are a part of the wedding party. Bridesmaids receive simple, yet elegant necklaces. Tradition is gold or silver chains with a simple charm. For the more daring, a leather necklace decorated with beads and other native American designs foretell a story of another culture. Feathers and colorful beads make for a wonderful memory that can be worn throughout the years to many occasions.For children involved in the wedding, little girls can be given bracelets. A simple chain adorned with charms make a gift that will last a life time and begin a hobby. For little boys, a key chain with their name will begin a collection that can be added to from country to country and beyond. Children usually are less expensive to invest in for wedding jewelries, but they love them just as much as an adult will.

A bride has the choice of earrings for further decoration during the wedding. Diamond drops add just a touch of sparkle, while others will prefer large gold or silver hoops. When the hair is short or worn up, the earrings will bring a shine to the face and eyes.If something different is being considered for wedding jewelries, an ankle bracelet is perfect. A very simple and delicate chain with a small charm is easy to wear anytime of the year and does not interfere with clothing or stockings. The chain can be changed each year as a new devotion. Add a new charm for each child the union brings forth or for each year of the marriage.There are so many ways to celebrate with traditional wedding jewelries or create a new tradition with something different. Each one is a matter of personal taste and a good jeweler can design just about any kind of jewelry. Even a nose ring with a special setting can mean a lifetime of love.